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Interview With a Clown

This is a lovely little inteview. She sound like a great person and a great clown.

Middle school teacher brightening kids’ days through clown alter ego – Cabinet.com.


That’s what I’m calling it! Catchy isn’t it? Anyway, that’s why I didn’t post last week. I’ll have to post twice this week!

Do you want to be a clown for Halloween but are a little behind? (it is only 3 days before Halloween)

Check out this guide from eHow:

How to Make a Clown Costume

Clowns for World Peace!

So a group of clowns in Mexico thought that maybe if the world had more laughter it would have less violence. Check it out:

Mexican clown convention holds ‘laugh for peace’

Funniest Boxing Match Ever!

This time the Yen Town Fools are boxing. From YouTube user butchybutchy.

No Time for Posting…

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting! School’s been crazy, especially since I was sick for a while. I think I’m going to only post once a week from now on, or at least until winter break.

Take a look at this news article: Double act: Firefighting clowns called to blaze in San Marcos

What a great way to teach kids about fire safety!