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Cute Doctor Clown

A funny and sweet clown performance from YouTube user msbernardrn.


Videos on How to Apply Clown Makeup

There’s a great series of videos on clown makeup at ehow.com. It explains the history of clown makeup, the basic types of clown makeup, and the basics of applying it. You can find the entire series here on their website.

Behind the Scenes at the Circus


Clowns from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus show this newswoman how to be a clown. From YouTube user crowndlily.

Street Performing Clown in Spain


This clown is quite funny! I must say though, you wouldn’t be able to get away with a gag gun here in the US.

From YouTube user aekayalar.

Funny Clowns from China

Some acrobatic clowns try to fit through smaller and smaller rings. From YouTube user kiroshiivan.

Clown Coloring Pages!

For the kid clown fans (and parents too) there’s a webpage with tons of clown coloring pages and activities!

Click here to see it!

The clowns are getting older…

I found a news article about how clown clubs are having trouble finding younger members. It’s here at the StarTribune website.

I think it’s quite sad that young people aren’t interested in clowns anymore. I suppose I’m also a young person, but I find it hard to find friends my own age who share this particular interest.