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Interview With a Clown

This is a lovely little inteview. She sound like a great person and a great clown.

Middle school teacher brightening kids’ days through clown alter ego – Cabinet.com.


Clowns for World Peace!

So a group of clowns in Mexico thought that maybe if the world had more laughter it would have less violence. Check it out:

Mexican clown convention holds ‘laugh for peace’

Real Life Firefighting Clowns!

Take a look at this news article: Double act: Firefighting clowns called to blaze in San Marcos

What a great way to teach kids about fire safety!

An Inspiring Story In the News

I just love this story, and the picture of her is fantastic.

99-Year-Old Clown Still Young at Heart 

What’s Wrong With a Circus Clown?!

Castronoves fined $30,000 for Twitter comments

Personally, I think he was trying to compliment him.

From Yahoo! News.

Clowns in the News!

Check this out: Cirque du veggies – NYPOST.com.

I wish I could go…

The clowns are getting older…

I found a news article about how clown clubs are having trouble finding younger members. It’s here at the StarTribune website.

I think it’s quite sad that young people aren’t interested in clowns anymore. I suppose I’m also a young person, but I find it hard to find friends my own age who share this particular interest.