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World Clown Association

The World Clown Association seems pretty much the same as Clown of America International, only for the whole world instead of just for America. The website is a bit different in that there’s more that non-members have access to; I especially liked the information on caring clowning. If you’re a clown who wants to join an international organization, or if you want some information on clowning for charity, check out this website:

World Clown Association


Linky Linky…

I found a lovely post about clowns on another blog! There are also some fantastic pictures in this one. Go check it out:

“Making the World Smile”

An interesting organization (even if their name makes me scratch my head). They look to have a lot of resources for serious (heh) clowning professionals, though you need to be logged in to actually access them. I’m afraid I can’t recommend them from personal experience (I’m just a fan, not a clown myself) but if you’re a clown, or thinking of becoming one, you might want to consider joining this organization.

Clowns of America International

An Inspiring Story In the News

I just love this story, and the picture of her is fantastic.

99-Year-Old Clown Still Young at Heart 

Also, the sad life of a fly. From YouTube user mcirque.

Castronoves fined $30,000 for Twitter comments

Personally, I think he was trying to compliment him.

From Yahoo! News.

I’m Back!

Yes, I’m back. I’m feeling better and I’m sharing with you another video from the Yen Town Fools. You might have seen part of this in the first video I posted of them on the 8th. From YouTube user butchybutchy.