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This Clown “Plays” an Unusual Instrument

Also, the sad life of a fly. From YouTube user mcirque.


This clown is one slippery character…

A pickpocketing clown. Yes, really. From YouTube user thecirqueman.

The clowns try to imitate the rest of the show…

Some clowns imitate the Cirque du Soleil performance in their own hilarious way. From YouTube user mcirque.

PS: Sorry I missed yesterday; I’ll try to post something else today to make up for it.

More Clowns from Cirque du Soleil!

This clown’s acrobatics are initially thwarted, so he chooses an “audience member” to participate. From YouTube user mcirque.

A Cirque Du Soleil Clown

I found a YouTube video of an incredibly funny Cirque Du Soleil clown. From YouTube user dmcipod.