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This Clown “Plays” an Unusual Instrument

Also, the sad life of a fly. From YouTube user mcirque.


I’m Back!

Yes, I’m back. I’m feeling better and I’m sharing with you another video from the Yen Town Fools. You might have seen part of this in the first video I posted of them on the 8th. From YouTube user butchybutchy.

Mmmmm, Candy.

The Yen Town Fools enjoy some candy! From YouTube user butchybutchy.

This clown is one slippery character…

A pickpocketing clown. Yes, really. From YouTube user thecirqueman.

More From the Yen Town Fools!

Some impressive juggling from this Japanese clown duo. From YouTube user butchybutchy.

Kid Clowns

This is just too cute! From YouTube user dshalsey.

Yen Town Fools!

A short and hilarious introduction to the Japanese clown team the Yen Town Fools. From YouTube user butchybutchy.